IT Professional Services Experience

Provided direct end user network and systems integration support to clients for ten years.

Responsible for coordination and delivery of multiple network projects for numerous businesses in the small and mid‐market. These included projects such as: Citrix and Terminal Server rollouts, email system conversions, Application and Database Migrations, Active Directory conversions, VPNs, LAN/WAN integrations.

Experience in design, setup and installation of Telephony solutions and Wireless Networks.

Core Security and VPN integration experience involving multi‐vendor solutions including: Juniper, Cisco, and Sonicwall. Inter‐Site VPN connectivity for load balanced links and policy based routes.

IP Networking Design, implementation and support of networks involving multi‐site, 10GB Fiber, 802.11 Outdoor Wireless, Inter VLAN routing and Internet VPN.

Integration and support of QOS (Quality of Service) on LAN/WAN infrastructures for data, voice and video applications.

Strong PC and Desktop support knowledge and expertise, XP and Windows 7.

Implementation and support of ipSAN solutions, including Dell/Equalogics and Hewlett Packard.

Equinox staff has a unique way of drawing a clear and concise plan of attack and being able to communicate that to their clients. This information is drawn from analysis work described above including graphical reports, Visio diagrams and written documentation.

Extensive expertise in LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) performance analysis and troubleshooting, leveraging software and appliance based tools for discovery, reporting, and analysis such as Solar Winds, EtherReal (packet capture and decoding), and Packeteer.

Recent Client Projects

Email Migration of 100 users for a market leader in the design, engineering and service of integrated security solutions provider.

Established connectivity with multiple T1 connections with policy based routing, compression and QOS to ensure for quality VOIP and SQL applications.

Troubleshooting and resolution of complex networking issues ranging from physical layer (Fiber Optic 10Gb issues), Spanning Tree Protocol issues, ip design and routing issues, to isolating the cause of a flooded network to a specific server on the network causing a slow‐down for the Country’s largest industrial machinery repair and services organizations. Details included cabling issues, complex loop issues in switching fabric, switch performance issues, protocol and application layer issues. Solved by implementing new switching infrastructure with 10GB fiber interconnected backbone, Multi‐VLAN and ip subnets, and outdoor wireless 802.11 (54Mbps) to replace a T1 (1.5Mpbs) connection.